Empowering e-Patients: Collaboration in Participatory Healthcare

In the first of these articles; Empowering e-Patients: Why Treatment Plans are Important, a Participatory Model of healthcare and the concept of personal treatment plans was introduced. Just to recap, a treatment plan is a tool by which the patient … Continue reading

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Empowering e-Patients: Why Treatment Plans are Important

Healthcare is changing. No longer do patients have to see a medical practitioner at the hospital, or solely rely on the doctorâ..s advice as the most up-to-date, accurate health information thatâ..s out there. Given the near ubiquity of the Internet, … Continue reading


New Health-based Social Networks Promote Healthy Living: 24/7 Pain Management Support

With so many stories in the news reporting on how social networks are destroying relationships and making people less healthy, new online health-based social networks are leveraging technology and community in new ways that help people discover new approaches to … Continue reading


Chronic Pain Conditions Like Scoliosis Treated Through Mobile Technology – Part 2

In our previous post we discussed how the convergence of technology and social media provides opportunities for pain suffers to get the support they need.  But this also poses the challenge of how and when to leverage both platforms. Here … Continue reading


Chronic Pain Conditions Like Scoliosis Treated Through Mobile Technology

There is no doubt that chronic pain is a major problem for a large percentage of Americans. According to an article by Examiner.com, 76.5 million Americans suffer from chronic pain to the extent that it significantly affects their everyday life. … Continue reading


Fibromyalgia Pain Relief through Social Networking

I just heard of SuperMarmite, a new social network in Paris with a culinary twist. Home chefs can get in touch with their hungry neighbors by selling meals over the Internet, trading recipes and tips, and making connections with others. … Continue reading


Pain Management and Shared Decision Making with Social Networks

The trend towards using social networks to follow the day-to-day concerns of those who matter to us, begs the question. How can social networks help us when we are managing chronic pain? Jessie Gruman Ph.D. the president of the Center … Continue reading


How do you know you are getting the right support?

Many who suffer from chronic pain have a hard time determining the what, when and how of getting the proper support.  Pain suffers make the common mistake of solely relying on their physicians and therapists to get the support they … Continue reading