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Create action plan based on assessment.

Create treatment goals with our Treatment Liaison.

Track and evaluate treatments with unique Treatment Score.

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Get help when and how you need it

Our assessment generates a treatment score that represents where you are in the recovery process. Combined with convenient access to Treatment Liaisons you can set appropriate treatment goals and learn how to negotiate with doctors and therapists.

More pleasure less pain

Activities are the measure of your success. Follow our treatment planning process to learn about your condition. Negotiate activities goals with medical practitioners that are in proportion to your needs and pain level.

Connnect, collaborate, and participate

Our community was founded on the belief that support comes in many forms. The participation network simplifies your interactions with medical professionals, former patients and others like you. Compare treatment plans, get ideas, negotiate goals, get referrals.

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Customers Speak:
RehabCoach works for me, I got a treatment score of 65 and my pain levels have gone down considerabely in last two months.

Ana Maurice (RC member since Jan 09)